Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week Forty-six: Amazing fruit

 Hola mi familia!

Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes! I´m trying to respond to everyone but I don't have enough time! So just know that it means the world to hear from you all and thank you for the emails!

To start off with a fun yet embarassing story...so this morning we were in our language study and I sneezed really loud. But I mean really loud, as if I hadn't sneezed in years. And right after from the level below us I hear our landlord yell back "SALUD!" (bless you) hahaha it was SO EMBARASSING! But it was really nice of her so I yelled "thanks" back. 

Well this week has been yet another fantastic week! Andrea came to church on sundayand so she's still set to go for this Saturday! The sad part is that she's diabetic and didn't eat that morning...she had to be driven home. She was about to faint after sacrament meeting. But now she's doing a lot better and we're going to see her tonight!

My companion is the best! She has been helping me a ton this week and we've been making a lot of progress in the sector. We have baptisms set up for the next three weeks! It's so exciting!

Today we enjoyed the "big day" by studying, cleaning the house in record time, going to a huge mall in another part of Quito and eating in a gigantic food court. I told my companion that all I wanted to eat was meat and ice cream. It's kind of a weird craving I know but if you know me you shouldn't be surprised. haha. We chose pinchos (meat skewers) and they were the best ponchos I've had yet! SO YUMMY! And then I enjoyed some mint chocolate chip and coconut ice cream. I'm a huge coconut fan nowadays. We also printed out pictures from the mission that we're going to use on the 6th for a big Mission Work Open House! I´m SO EXCITED! It's going to be great! I really hope I don't get changed so I can stick around for it. OH and this Friday we're going to have a Food Exposition in our ward and we're going to have each organization represent a country and they're going to make a typical dish or food from the country! We really excited and we´re hoping that it'll be a success. We're working hard to excite the members about the work! I've been learning so much in this change about member missionary work and the importance of working together with the ward. It changes everything! It makes me wish I would've taken part of missionary work before the mission! We all have to be missionaries! What are you going to do this week to be a member missionary?

Well tonight we were invited to about a gazillion parties. My companion kept blurting to the members about my birthday....we'll see what happens. I'm excited but nervous about all of the potential cake I'll be eating...wish me luck! haha

I love you all and I love being here on the mission! Thinking back to a year ago I wouldn't have been able to believe all of the experiences I had ahead of me and the things that are yet to come! Serving the Lord is the BEST!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Beutler

Look what they gave us mom! 
When we were leaving the lesson the husband hurried and grabbed a bag and just started filling it up with all of this for us! And we just met him that night! The people here are so nice!
Super happy, but exhausted faces.
The little kids in the street always stare at me and yell "¡Ella es gigante!"
It always makes me laugh because to me I´m the size of an Ecuadorian...and then I saw this picture hahaha.
This bag is heavier than it looks.

A growing papaya

"We´re pretty cool." faces
Sofia, the cutest little girl ever 
Noche de hogar con amigos

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week Forty-Five: Los Juegos Olímpicos de la Zona Chillogallo

Hola mi familia!

La Zona Chillogallo!
Every week just keeps getting better and better! Yes, I still love being a missionary. It's the best thing in the world. We had some awesome experiences this week and are really scared that we're going to get changed in two weeks. I think I'm going to go through mother-daughter post separation disorder. My companion is the best! She is progressing every week and we are seeing miracles!

So Andrea was going to get baptized this Saturday and then didn't show up to church yesterday....we had to change her date to the 30th but it turns out that she needs this time to be even more prepared and converted to the Lord. We thought she was ready but the Lord always knows better. We were pretty stressed out and sad but we kept a smile on our faces and focused on the positive while we were at church and we saw MIRACLES!

Just to name a few...

One of the less actives that we're always trying to meet with finally came to church on Sunday. Yesterday morning we were calling people to remind them of the time change (we now meet at 8AM:) yes mom...I do get up earlier now...) and his name came to mind. We called just hoping a praying that he would answer and he did and he showed up to church with his cousin that's also less active and really hard to meet with! Haha. Hugo, our investigator, is their step-uncle...and he has almost three months assisting to church but never wanted to get baptized and he finally accepted baptism this week! It was a MIRACLE! He has yet to accept a date but we're working on that ;) 

Steven is also progressing. He also was going to be baptized this Saturday but had some struggles and now has a date for the 6th! We're hoping and praying that he'll be ready for this date. 

The Elders were walking down the street on Saturday and a lady called to them and said "hey, you guys are from Peru right?" and since they're both from Peru she invited them in to hear what they had to say. Turns out it was a huge family and one of her daughter in laws accepted baptism and lives in our sector! She came to church yesterday and is SO AWESOME! When we asked her when we could pass by and visit her she said "whenever you want! you can pass by everyday if you want. I'm always in my house!" uhhhh what?! MIRACLE! We're going to visit her tonight and see how we can help her progress because she isn't married to her husband yet but says that they have plans. SO MANY MIRACLES. 

Teaching moment
We had a few other unexpected investigators and less actives in church and were super excited for the progress we've seen in the past few weeks for our sector. We've got a lot of work to do! I feel like we're just getting started here. I really hope I have another change here but if not, then I know the Lord will put me where I will be able to learn and grow the most. 

OH! Another small but gigantic miracle that I just found out about...well I just heard today from Hermana Chipana (my second trainer) and she told me that Pamela (from Ambato) is doing great and so is Paty! And the biggest miracle of all was that supposedly José Luis went back to church and was going to get baptized in May! WHAT!?! Do you guys remember him? That seriously would be the biggest dream come true of my entire mission. She let me know a little bit of what happened and why his baptism fell but I have to confirm it before I say anything. That was such a huge heartbreak when his baptism fell less than 24 hours beforehand. We cried and cried and cried but now we can rejoice! I really hope its true. Not sure how I'm going to find out if its true but I'm going to ask around and I'll let you all know. He's seriously a future bishop! I'm so happy! It's once again a huge testimony for me that the Atonement is real and our Savior lives! I know it's true!

The mission is the best. I never want it to end. Seriously. I can't imagine what life would be like without my name badge. I love being Hermana Beutler!

I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!

Con muchísimo amor,
Hermana Beutler

¡Ya se van! I got to see these awesome hermanas during verification! 
My sister from a Guatemalen mister is leaving me!
I´m going to miss her a ton! 2 weeks left...:(
Happy to get back home to open my package!
Guess what i found.....;)
A table full of weird but yummy foods all made from soy...
Cute little plantitas
Yummy and pretty. Sadly, it wasn't a taste tester...
Emma-my new bff/enfermera and I in the Health Fair our stake held.
I got scaled and it turns out I've lost weight!
I even checked on two different scales!
Miracles are happening or all the scales in Ecuador are messed up....
What do you guys think of my new proselyting look?
Team Beutler-Herrera ready to battle in los Juegos Olímpicos de la Zona Chillogallo 
Bread eating contest! I placed second in my round. It was some tasty bread.
La Bandera y premio 
Mummy what?
She cracks me up.
We lost this round...should've bought the more expensive toilet paper that doesn´t break every two seconds.
Of the ten companionships we placed 2nd and ALMOST won this sweet flag. :(​
Hey look I´m from Peru!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week Forty-Four: "We're not perfect, but at least we're not a disaster." Hermana Herrera

Hola mi familia!

Hermana Herrera!
I feel like I was just writing you all! The mission is going by way too fast. Last night we had a little earthquake. That wasn't fun. It was like reliving the first part of a nightmare and just wanting to press the wake up button when it doesn't exist. We were finishing a lesson when it hit. It lasted about fifteen seconds to an eternity. And when we were walking home I was trying to talk to my companion but my voice trembled more than the earthquake. Haha. Fun stuff. But really. If I've learned anything on the mission I´ve learned the importance in trusting in the Lord. It may not be easy or fun, but if we put our trust in Him, everything will turn out the way it needs to. I haven't heard any news of how it affected the coast but no news is good news in these situations. Then again I can't watch the news...haha. 

Guess what! Jenny is now one of the Relief Society teachers! What?! She got baptized one month ago today and she's already teaching classes! Wow! She amazes me so much! She really is such a miracle for this ward. Our ward is going through a Book of Mormon situation. Long story short there´s a lot of pride and a lot of less actives due to the pride. But having someone like Jenny come in the ward and be able to serve right off the bat is really going to help.

During our companionship inventory on Friday my companion and I were talking about our week and what we wanted to improve. Then she told me, ¨We're not perfect, but at least we're not a disaster¨ hahahaha. It was the greatest thing ever. And it's so true! If we´re dead set on doing everything perfect we're only going to frustrate ourselves! But if we can recognize the good things we´re doing then we´re going to be a whole lot happier trying to fix what we lack. President taught me more last week about the enabling power of the Atonement and how we can be better every day through our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives! 

So Steven has been working hard lately to obey the Word of Wisdom and a few other commandments and last weekend he went to the coast where his family lives. Well, he wasn't perfect in his goals, and brought home an alcoholic cocktail type smoothie thing that his family made him try and we taught him the word of wisdom again and he said that he was going to just finish it off and then obey....umm....so we explained the consequences of doing so and then he decided that he was just going to give it away as a gift....once again we explained the consequences...and we finished the lesson a bit frustrated because it seemed as if we were going to have to leave him. He´s struggled to keep the commitments we leave him and hasn't showed much of a conversion. Well we weren't able to pass by him this last week because we´ve been super busy with new investigators and he's' been working a lot, but on Sunday we asked him what he decided to do and he said that he didn't even touch it! That he left it in his suitcase and that he was going to throw it away! MIRACLE!!!!! We hope that this is a trend that continues so that he can truly repent and be baptized this month! We'll be praying a ton!

We're also teaching Andrea who is THE BEST! I'll have to tell you more about her next week when I have more time but she has plans to be baptized on the 23rd! We're hoping all goes well and that she has the health to keep coming to church because she's diabetic and the first time she came to church she fainted. Every time we visit her she always tells us how excited she is to get baptized! We're really excited too!

Well my companion and I are doing great. We're enjoying every day and working really hard. The mission isn't easy. Elder Holland told us, ¨Never has been. Never will be. Never should be. Because it wasn't easy for the Savior.¨ I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for all that He did for me. I am a completely different person thanks to Him. 

I love you all and hope that you have an awesome earthquake free week!

Con todo mi amor!
Hermana Beutler

P.S. My favorite scripture from this week Helaman 6:3-5. Don't forget to be a member missionary!

We found our twins!
My companion´s twin is balding a bit.
Go crazy!
They left to Santo Domingo without me for two months! I´m going to miss them!
Andres grew a few feet taller...
Cesar trying to be tall.
Dana! The Bishop´s cute daughter
She´s one of the few Ecuadorians that can say my name correctly.
A rabbit face made out of flowers. 
She´s the cutest thing ever!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week Forty-Three: "There's really no such thing as a small miracle in life."

Hola mi familia!

Our maduro phones - ​there they are . . .
We went to go take a picture and then I freaked out because my companion didn´t have her maduro telephone! She´s always laughing at me hahaha!
Joining in on the fun
A smile made from maduro
So when I was a little girl, every once in a while around 4 or 5PM I would wait by the window patiently until my dad got home from work. Sometimes I would get so excited that I would wait on the front lawn. My patience would usually last about five or ten minutes and then I would give up, heading back inside. More often than not, that's exactly when he would pull up in the driveway, when I was least expecting it. It was one of my favorites parts of my day.

As I've thought and reflected on the miracles that I've seen in the past week and really in my entire mission I've realized that many miracles come in life in the same way that my dad would come home from work in the evenings-when I least expect it and when I feel like I'm just about to give up. What I've learned in this past week is that if we give it our all and get to work to serve the Lord before all else, that EVERYTHING will be taken care of. That's when the miracles show up! When we lose ourselves in the work. There's really no such thing as a small miracle in life. Every miracle of every day is a manifestation of God's love for His children. I know miracles happen! I know God loves us!

We met the sweetest less active in the church on Thursday. Wow. What miracles she has seen in her life. I'll share the brief story of Emma. So Emma has moved around a lot in the past little bit. Sadly she has been in an abusive relationship and has had a problem with someone following her who abused her years ago. She didn't know what to do. On Thursday while waiting for the bus she saw the Elders pass by. She was baptized with her family when she was 9 and so she knew that if she could find out where the church was that she could find refuge and help. She followed the Elders and found the church. She entered and that's where she found us (which was another miracle because we're usually not there Thursday nights but we were there with some investigators in a Relief Society Activity) and she asked to speak to us. She told us her story and we spoke to the Relief Society president. On Sunday she came to church and then was able to speak with the bishop and receive a blessing. 

The Autosuficiencia representative was able to speak with her to help her with where she left off in her other ward so she can keep working to get a job. The relief society president felt that we should pass by her house with a priesthood holder and so we spoke with the high priest group leader and the four of us went to visit her in her home where she has fifteen days thanks to a friend who is helping her out until he rents the room. The president brought her food and the high priest group leader just happened to see an ad for a nurses position in a farmacy that morning. SO MANY BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES. She just began to cry and thank them for what they had done. It truly wasn't anything that they had done but we truly saw the Lord's hand blessing her life for striving to change and be where she needed to be again. The president shared that when she first got here to Quito from Guayaquil she had nothing, she was starting from zero, and that the members did the same for her to help her out, and that this was her way to strive to give back. It was such a special moment. We all have been given something to be able to start over or get back on our feet. The question is, what are we going to do to give back!

I feel so blessed to be here on the mission, serving the Lord full time. There's no place I'd rather be than here in Ecuador! Despite the challenges, tests, and life changers that come our way, the miracles STILL come. Our job as children of God is to get to work and serve Him. And when we least expect it the miracles will come pouring down.

Funny moment of the week...so we had interviews with President in our house this week and the assistents came to and when they walked in the first thing they said was "it smells like clean!" hahaha. Mission accomplished on our part.
I love all of you SO much! Thank you for all of your prayers and support during this time!

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Beutler

Santiago was super excited to show us his dance uniform for his school performance.

Santiago in his school dance uniform
With Paola the birthday girl!
Birthday Time

:) :) :)
Hey look at this sweet crown I found! Haha
Every Ecuadorian fiesta needs a piñata holder.
Yep. That´s become my second calling in this ward hahaha.
Creation of wonderful chicken and rice and fried maduro with a yummy potatoe salad
(no we didn´t make the potatoe salad)
hahahahaha she´s pretty funny
Las Hermanas
Nuestro barrio
(our neighborhood)